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Welcome to The Rock River Rebels EPK

If you have made it to this page, it means you are either interested in booking our band, looking for more info about us, or have very savvy internet skills! Whether you need a cover band for a night or have the need for some original music, we are ready to tailor a show for you.  Scroll to the bottom for more info in the download section.

The Band

BASED in the Elk Valley of British Columbia

FORMED in the winter of 2015

GENRE: Rock/Alternative

LABEL: Independent



Jordan Wildeman


Will Percy


Erik Kliment


The Rock River Rebels were formed when old friends and bandmates, Erik and Jordan, had decided to switch instruments and start writing their own material. Erik took over the drums from Jordan, who moved out front to play guitar. Will was invited to play bass early on and the fit was just right. He brought along the energy and enthusiasm to take their songs to the next level. Now, with a catalogue of over 4 hrs of covers, 90 mins of originals and an EP to boot, The Rock River Rebels are ready to burst out of the valley and bring their brand of Rock to wherever the van will take them! 

Management & Booking



Phone: 250-910-0286

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